Teaching is central to my scholarly life and a deep passion of mine. Students in my classes learn to analyze the structural underpinnings of pressing social issues and the processes of social change; they also experience personal growth as they learn to reflect on their own assumptions and consider diverse viewpoints. Trusting relationships are at the heart of my work with students, and I have been privileged to mentor numerous undergraduates in and beyond their time in my classroom.


  • In 2019, Columbia’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences awarded me the inaugural Dr. Devon T. Wade Mentorship and Service Award in recognition of my “exceptional commitment” to teaching and mentoring, community service, and community-building.
  • In 2017, the Columbia Sociology Department awarded me its distinguished teaching award, the Charles Tilly Award for Outstanding Teaching and Scholarship. 

Instructor of Record, Department of Sociology, Columbia University

  • 2022, 2018 “Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Punishment”
  • 2019 “Race, Crime, and Law”

Teaching Assistant, Department of Sociology, Columbia University

  • 2022 “Social Research Methods” with Gerard Torrats-Espinosa
  • 2019, 2018 “Sociology of Punishment” with Adam Reich
  • 2016 “Organizing Innovation” with David Stark
  • 2016 “The Social World” with Shamus Khan
  • 2015 “The Social World” with Gil Eyal

Teaching Assistant, Columbia Law School

  • 2016 “Law and Neoliberalism” with Kendall Thomas

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